Once seen as an old addition to the house, the background is back in a huge way. From trendy new ideas like scratching and wallpaper to ultra-modern candles, wallpaper is no longer the interior design that you never had. One of the most unique ways to take advantage of the full potential of the screen background is to use the visual illusion background.

Visual illusion creates a visual trick to make you think space is something else. For example, the realistic wallpaper design may have a path that extends to give the room a wider feel. With a screen background, the possibilities are endless, so you do not need to hire an expensive artist to create a paint design. Take a look below to see how designers use wallpaper to convert rooms.

The Fu Library

Do you always want a luxury bookstore that has more skin-related books than you can afford? The owner had the same idea, but instead of rushing to buy hundreds of aesthetically pleasing books, they went with wallpaper.

This design provides a convincing wall for old books. The tone of dark brown gives it a very classic look. It’s the ultimate easy way to get to know a high-quality library. The text on the pillows adds to the literary theme, as the coffee table books do.

in nature

If you like nature, wallpaper can be a great addition to your space when you export prints with a natural mural design. Many backgrounds already have realistic print, giving the impression that one of the walls actually opens in a real forest. However, the above method deliberately goes for a stylish and artistic feel.

Background like the above one is great for people who appreciate nature and art. The wood-textured floor adds to the natural feeling. At the same time, the green wall completes steel art but does not steal attention from it.

Create distance

The good use of modern wallpaper is to get a realistic print with a kind of track or track. In the above example, pavement pavement works to create depth and distance. It is a great idea for small, narrow spaces that benefit from feeling extra space.

This design also illustrates the sense of humor and humor in the wallpaper design; it seems that the toilet sits directly on the pavement and may open up in the lake itself. It shows how real you are with the background of visual illusion.

In fairy tales

Perhaps one of the best features of the visual illusion background is its ability to create a complete artistic scene. It can display anything you can imagine. In this case, you enter directly into Little Red Riding Hood’s story. It’s a great idea for a children’s bedroom or playroom.

The possibilities here are endless: the background can bring to life any story or subject. You can play in artistic collage style, or choose a full scene to be represented on the wall.

Geometric depth with visual illusion background

One common way to use visual deception is to create depth illusion. The geometric background above is well run. Makes the golden luster and the black shading style seem like literally coming out of the wall. Tale also gives this room a lot of colors.

It is also a wonderful addition to this industrial-style bathroom, with exposed ceiling pipes and a strong metal tub. The golden style is characterized by a feeling of industrial metal and feels in itself, so it fits in with the space. It is a good example of how visual illusion paper contributes to the overall design of the room.

drawing on walls

The most playful idea is the choice of wallpaper that uses doodles as a design. This makes it look as if someone has painted on the walls, without actually destroying the walls. What results is a free spirited artistic space.

You should not limit yourself to doodles. You can also use handwritten lines of poetry or word-themed sets. If the room has an academic subject, you can also choose a background containing chemical composition equations or images.

There are many ways to use visual illusion background in any room in your home. Do any of the above ideas stand out to you? Let us know in the comments!

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