The carved leather is designed specifically for Genivite Bennett, designed specifically for the luxurious interior design market using state-of-the-art technology, innovative modeling, fine materials and excellent craftsmanship. High quality leather Engraved, engraved, inlaid, printed and engraved and can be used to make decorative wall panels, floors, furnishings or furniture.

Each piece of the London-based designer is designed and customized and customized in customized sizes and colors. However, there is also a standard set of products available such as 12-inch panels in 26 different colors.

After graduating from the Royal College of Arts in 2000, Bennett was inspired by three dimensional sculptural qualities, surface relief and striking patterns. Her designs are based on a wide range of archival materials and influences, including historical silk patterns “Spitalfields”, wood carvings by 17th century craftsmen, Grinling Gibbons, advanced paper engineering techniques and Elizabethan armor.

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