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Sometimes the living room is, in fact, it is natural that we are the place where we do most of our lives. It is a space needed to serve multiple purposes and to please multiple personalities. The living room is a place for parties and movie nights. It is a harbor where you can breathe after a long day, and a space where families can gather together through thick and thin things and enjoy each other’s company. So it is natural for the Freshome team to have some opinions on why they make a good living room. Let’s take a quick look at what we think the living room of a dream really needs to shine.

After polls, we all agreed that there are several key elements that all living rooms should simply include. There is a sofa that is comfortable and can be seated by the whole family. Then there is accent furniture that pops the space. And don’t forget the TV that works well as the home of the digital age. But what is the difference between one living room and another? It’s all about personality and the works you gather in space. We surveyed the Freshome team to find out which parts are absolutely important in the dreamy living room and which parts make a big difference in your design.

# 1: Accent colored love sheet or sofa

One of the most fun pieces to shop for your dream living room is the accent love sheets and sofas. You may want to be more traditional in your main couch color (see below), but this is a place to have some fun. Who is rich in velvet who is saying that the jewelry-tone sofa can not be obtained in the trend of maximumism? Or a bold pattern of upholstery? Really, this is your opportunity to dream something in your head and then buy it for your home.

If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend Freshome’s favorite Drake Sofa from West Elm (above Twill in Dark Horseradish). Some of our writers love the bright yellow pop and some prefer the richer look of distressed velvet or dusty brushes in the woods. Needless to say, your accent furniture is a place to show off your design preferences and to pick a work that will surprise your friends.

# 2: Huge sofa

The right sofa can be central to any dream living room. When choosing the color of the sofa, it is tempting to want to make it bigger and bolder. After all, this is everyone watching-and sitting. But don’t forget that this will be one of the biggest investments in your home (a good sofa isn’t cheap!) And you will want to love it for years to come.

The neutral color gives you the flexibility to change the room without having to buy a new sofa. All you need is a new throw pillow, and you can make your couch work with virtually any theme. When it comes to shape, try to balance between funny and classic as you choose a design that has lasting power. Like West Elm’s Hamilton Leather Sofa, I love sofas with a good square cross section, or something that invites me to fly. Still, I do not know which sofa is perfect for you? Check out this guide on various sofa styles for more clarity.

# 3: Wall Art

The art of your living room wall is really your opportunity to shine your personality and have a good time! Maybe you want a bright and airy space in your living room. In that case, the oversized mirror should be placed on one of the prominent walls. It reflects light, brightens space, and adds interesting design elements.

Or maybe you really want to add some personal talent. The living room is the perfect place for the gallery walls. When putting together the gallery walls, our Freshome team says that you need:

Really favorite art, like personally meaningful pictures and pictures made by children in class.

Something thoughtful, like attached sculptural elements, abstract works of art, or black and white photography.

Big piece to fix the layout. If you do not want to hit the spotlight, consider adding a floating ledge that acts as an anchor.

We rounded up more gallery wall hacks to help you put it all together.

When looking for art in the living room, don’t settle for just feeling that you need to make something happen on the wall. Wait until something really talks to you. Remember, you are working to create your dream living room! And being surrounded by the art you really like makes your dream living room a truly enjoyable place to spend time.

# 4: Space for entertainment and entertainment

Many of us at Freshome would like to have a home theater, but still earning us millions of dollars to create a theater-like space in our dream living room, our mansion Our people waiting to buy. Flat-screen TVs are essential (to start with this you need Target’s VIZIO D-Series 24 ′ ′ option), but it does not have to be the focus of the room. Seamlessly integrate the TV into the room or hide it cleverly There are several ways you can do it, for example, you can put it in a sophisticated entertainment center, like Cate & Barrel’s Cameo 2-Piece Entertainment Center.

Integrating your TV is very important because your living room needs to double duty. It should be a place for entertainment, not just a place for entertainment. When choosing electronics, furniture, decorations, lighting for your dream living room, draw a space full of people. Can you comfortably respond to the groups you plan to host? The piece of piece of furniture that can be moved can help you break through more enjoyable areas. Hidden TVs make the space more intimate, and dimmable lighting can create an atmosphere. In short, when planning your dream living room, think about how it works whether you are curled up on the sofa solo or whether you are entertaining a large group.

# 5: A comfortable chair

Certainly, a large sofa is important in every living room. But what if you want a little more space for yourself? The large and cozy chair is an ideal place to curl up and spend the day alone. In addition, it is a great addition to the entertainer’s living room. Not every guest wants to sit alongside a perfect stranger or close friend. Add accent pillows and cozy throws and you have created a charming addition to your dream living room.

# 6: An unforgettable coffee table

If you do not have a coffee table where you can place decorations, books and drinks, your living room will not be complete. And in our dream living room, the coffee table itself acts as part of the decoration. Beyond the basics, look for a coffee table that adds a level of interest to your room. Here are some Freshome favorites:

Crate & Barrel Yukon Natural Coffee Table

Ivy Bronx Leda Lift Top Coffee Table at Wayfare

West Elm Stacked Disc Storage Coffee Table

What do we find in your dream living room? We were very much enjoying thinking about it-and you may be! Imagine your ideal living room and tell us what makes it stand out in the comments.

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