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Design preferences can vary dramatically, but most people agree that they want their space to be bright and open. Even when choosing a dark room theme (like a black wall that still tends), the balance between light and dark is important. No one wants to spend time in a dark, oppressive space. But what if you are in a house or apartment with a space where the light of the desired brightness does not reach? Fortunately, there are several easy ways to light up a dark room.

We surveyed the Freshome team and figured out the best and easiest way to make them feel bright even in the smallest and least light areas. With these tips you will feel wider in tight spaces, more vibrant in dim rooms, and eventually brighter in dark rooms.

Choose colors wisely

It should not be surprising that our Freshome staff has said that color is absolutely important when you want to light up a dark room. Yes, that means painting your wall. However, you can use color for large artwork, rugs, decorations, throws, and more while renting (or if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of taped or masking tape).

Which color is the best? When voted, Freshome’s staff recommended these shades to help brighten dark rooms:

White (shocking, ok!)


Lavender / lilac

Neutral based on light mocha, white like yellowish brown or soft gray

Pop of bright colors such as orange, red and green

Obviously, there are several options. Finding the right color to light up your particular dark room can result in playing in space. Before you invest in a larger piece or experience the hassle of painting, try throwing in accent pillows and different colors.

Leave space

At design school, people learn about the concept of negative space, or white space. This is usually free space around the object in focus, or part of the design that is intentionally left blank. But the seemingly empty space is not just for purpose. Negative space gives you a place of peace and allows you to breathe your visual sense, so to speak.

If you want to light a dark room, don’t forget the negative space. This will open the room and make you feel big and bright. Think through the darkest and most overwhelming room. They are usually cluttered. Even in small, dim spaces, just pull the furniture a little to make the wall space wider and brighter.

Add a mirror

When you are fighting for additional light, the mirror is an amazing friend. Their reflective properties extend the life of the lightwaves inside the room and help you smash more for your spending for every light source inside the room. Please try it! Position the mirror behind or directly opposite the light source. You will be surprised how bright and open the space is felt just because the mirrors reflect light around the room.

If you think the mirror is a boring addition to your room, think again. There is a handy guide on how to use a mirror as a memorable design element.

Find the right furniture

If you want to feel the space as it has more brightness, consider the brightness of your furniture. Dark, low-ground furniture feels heavy. You can feel as if you suck the brightness from too many rooms. To light up a dark room, pick the part that looks lighter and lighter.

West Elm’s Everett Sofa is a prime example. It comes with a number of pale textured textures that can help open up any space. However, even if someone spills, the fabric has enough texture. In addition, the height of the feet makes the space wide and open.

Add lighting

No, right? But if you’re trying to light up a dark room, it’s time to be creative with lighting. In small spaces, don’t be afraid to hang the light from the ceiling or mount it on the wall. Pendant lights are not just for the kitchen! Make space from the ramp accent table. Push the floor lamp behind the sofa. Even the most compact rooms have space for lighting. In fact, adding a sufficient amount of light actually makes the room feel larger, so you have to sacrifice space.

Is there a room in your home or apartment that feels dark and boring? Which tips do you think are better for lighting up dark rooms? Please let us know in the comments.

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