Paris-based Adentro introduced the latest work of Carlo Contes, the NINNA chair, at Salone del Mobile, Milan. The wonderful furniture item is simple and stylish. It incorporates the suspended seat, made of hanging leather belts that reminds us of this exterior swing we all faced when we were young. Greetings to innocence and the reflection of happy happy times. In times of joy those things seemed more important than laughter. In the Italian language, the word “ninnare” means the cradle (gently cling or protect). Somehow, Nina does it. It’s Pampers and they carry you gently.

The handmade chair is characterized by simple and natural materials: everything is about ash and leather. The output is a pretty minimalist furniture item. As a result, they are easily integrated into any home design. You can enter your yard / garden and relax “swing” surrounded by green spaces and lush vegetation or you can find a place in the intimate loft, open a book and enjoy a very comfortable experience.

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