4 Simple Ways To Use Wallpaper In The Bedroom To Make Fresh Looks

Many people tried to use wallpaper in the bedroom, but only a few know how to use it to their fullest potential. Wallpaper should not be thrown as a way to get rid of empty walls. Instead, it should be a major player in designing the room as a whole.

To this end, we gave you four new and simple ways to use wallpaper in the bedroom. Look for suggestions that will work best in your bedroom design. With no luck, wallpaper may just become your favorite feature in the entire room.

Adjust the color palette

One way to use the wallpaper in your bedroom is to set the color palette for the entire project. For example, you can see that the image above contains an elegant monochrome palette. In it, everything from wallpaper to blankets, bed sheets and pillows meet to form a coherent appearance.

If you decide to walk this route, the key is to choose a background you like first. Then, build the rest of the room around it. Although you can of course go to any aesthetic you want, remember that the size of the model is important. Must be proportional to the size of the room. Large rooms can handle larger patterns and vice versa.

Create a tone wall

Since the background of the screen tends to be a statement of elegance, it is appropriate to decorate a distinctive wall. The accent walls are meant to draw attention, so this should be where you use your biggest styles and bolder shades. Feel free to go here.

In this case, your wallpaper mode is the most important thing you have. Ideally, you’ll want to highlight the wall of Belentech’s focal point in the room because it is bound to attract the attention of the viewers. Most of the time, in the bedroom, this means choosing a wall on top of the bed. However, as you can see in the image above, exceptions can sometimes be made, especially if you use a more granular model.

Make a temporary header plate

Let’s face it, the furniture is expensive. If you are not quite ready to go out and invest in high-quality panels, wallpaper may be a cost-effective solution for you. The cost of wall paper rolls are pennies on the dollar These materials can be used to suit a variety of aesthetic tastes.

In this case, the actual app is your biggest concern. First, you have to resize properly. You should measure the background of the screen slightly larger than your bed width. There is a good rule of leaving a limit of an inch to three inches on both sides. Then, there is the position. Do your best to apply wallpaper on the wall that is smooth and without marks. This will reduce your chances of finding the annoying air bubbles in the final product.

If you are a tenant and do not want to deal with the screen wallpaper at the end of the lease, do not worry. This DIY project is still an option for you. You will simply need to use a removable background instead.

Add some texture

Finally, wallpaper can be used to add a very required dose of texture to any room. Remember, in interior design, the texture refers to the way something looks. Incorporating a variety of fabrics into the room is one of the basic principles of interior design because it makes the room more visually interesting.

No matter what type of printing you use in your bedroom, your wallpaper will contain a texture. This is partly due to the materials used in its construction. However, you can certainly inflate the feeling of texture by choosing a rough-looking style as described above.

Therefore, we recommend printing using natural materials. The natural-looking prints such as wood and stone are very elegant at the moment and will serve you well in creating a modern and imprecise appearance.

Design Entry Tips: 6 Ways To Make An Inlet In Your Home

Although often overlooked, the entrance may be one of the most important places in your home. After all, it is a place that welcomes people in your home, and in some cases, it may be the only part that visitors see. So why treat your entrance like subsequent thinking? You can use smart design features to organize, light up spaces and make the best first impression possible. Skip the welcome mat and make sure that your entrance tells exactly what you want. Follow these design tips to create an entrance using the front entrance.

Everything is in place

If you love most homeowners, your income can get some mess. Since it is a landing place for children, guests and even pets, it is very easy to pile up piles. The best advice for your design is to make sure that everything has a place. Be realistic when planning your own lobby: If you tend to drop your mail when you walk in the door, make sure it has a place to go. Sure, in a perfect world your children would hang their bags in their room, but a few hooks in the doorway could keep them away from the ground. Even where you store shoes away from you, it means you will not skip shoes and shoes, and the shoebox does not need to be organized perfectly. Think about how you and your family are using the portal and organization.

Seat width

One thing most entrances tend to miss is a place to sit. Of course, you will not invite people to pull a chair in the lobby of your home. However, the seating area provides a convenient place to slip on shoes or sorting by mail when coming and going. What’s more, the seat can double as an intelligent storage solution for shoes and jackets to help reduce chaos. Look for a seat with open shelves or hinges to make your intake comfortable and comfortable.

Look for

Your entrance is the perfect place to define your style. Although it may be a more compact space, however, you can take advantage of the wall and ceiling space to further enhance the elegance. For example, a statement can give guests an idea of your home style. Or, a set of photo frames can add some attention to the walls. Travel a lot? The walls of the lobby are the ideal place to display shade boxes, souvenirs and souvenirs so visitors can get to know what is important to you.

Select Space

If you live in an open concept house, the front entrance can be deceptive. Without a clear definition between the lobby area and the rest of the house, you may be left scratching your head. Selecting the color and furniture area lets visitors know where the entry ends and starts home. Organize your access to furniture so that there is a clear demarcation between it and the rest of your home. The bookcase or tables are in a good position to place the keys or a set of benches and a wardrobe showing guests where to store their things. A very small entrance to the furniture? Use dark color or even wallpaper to draw attention to the lobby without clutter.

Reflect the light

The entrances are famous in some homes and others can suffer from lack of light. Bounce some brightness in the input using mirrors to reflect the light. This works particularly well if your front door features windows. By placing an angle on the mirror directly across the light source, you can double-click any normal brightness to make you feel bigger and more attractive.

Invite guests

Remember that your income should be a way to welcome guests in your home. Make sure it gives the right impression and help your guests always feel comfortable. Provide a specific place to put things so guests do not leave coats and shoes. Spreading essential oils or candle lighting ensures that your home smell is as great as it looks. Keeping essentials like phone chargers, ice skates and umbrellas ready, always means you have what visitors always need.

Take a look around your income and ask yourself: Does this lobby say what I want? When you start thinking about your income as a personal space (not just a place to drop your things), you can begin to see what visitors feel when they walk from the front door. Focus on comfort and elegance to make sure that your entrance makes the entrance really.

Think about your space: how you like where you live now

Feeling a little envious after the HGTV marathon? I wish your home was different after seeing your new friend’s fossils? This happens to the best of us. The warning of posting through online thought books or home-based shows that traffic is seeing is that it can make your space less than that. The truth is that there is no perfect home. It is likely that homeowners living in your alleged dream house would like to make some changes.

It is that you do not need to renovate or rebuild your dream home. By rethinking the way you use your space, you can love your place now. Pain points in your home may already be resolved by clever regulation and reflection outside the box.

Think about your space and you will not have to leave your home. The house of your dreams may be down your nose directly – or at least under the rug of the old area. Here are some ways to rethink your space and fall into your home again.

Edit your stuff

What seems like a tight living situation may just be a state of many things. Spending some time editing your stuff can free up square shots and help you simplify the rest of your home better. I feel tired? Start with the most feasible area: your wardrobe. Break it, unlink it, and evaluate how it is used. Is it really better to use pillows or could it serve a better purpose? What is now an unused linen cabinet can make a large store or craft space instead.

Once you handle that, go to bigger and better things. Get rid of things you do not use and keep things that serve a real purpose. Things that are out of date, useless or in the way? Moving them to someone can give them some love

Reuse your rooms

You may not hate planning your home; you may just hate the way you use your home. Just because typical houses contain an official dining room does not mean that how you use them. If you use your dining room only for two large periods a year, but your children play around the house, is your home properly used?

Think about what your room is like. The dining room may be more logical as a study. The unused craft room can be a large laundry area. That the guest room is empty? It can be better used as a games room.

Stop thinking about reselling

Resale value is certainly important, especially if you see your home as an investment. If you know that you will stay in your home for a long time, it is fine to stop making decisions based on the value of resale. The other homeowner may not like the changes you make, but if it’s right for you and your family, do what’s sensible. If you decide to sell your house on the road, it is possible that you can reverse the changes or change the room path differently. Trying to please everyone when you are living in your home can make you crazy. Design, rethink, design, and organize your home the way you live today.

Carving space

Open concept homes are the biggest thing in home design, but they can make some things challenging. Trying to lure a teenager to finish homework in a noisy kitchen or trying to watch the game with a busy little boy can make open concept layouts feel frantic. If you feel that you have many rooms that do many things, try sculpting the space.

Using things like bookshelves, furniture, and even screens can help you divide the space in a non-permanent way. After that, you can evaluate and rearrange as needed to make sure that your home is the place you love. A space dedicated to watching TV, clearly defining between the kitchen and living rooms – these small changes can help you relieve some of these pain points in a less than perfect layout.

Use each angle

It can make it feel as big as if it’s working and do not play anything, by enjoying the laundry rooms and romanticizing the corner of reading in other homes. What makes custom and luxurious homes feel private is not always the main living areas, but small additions. By providing space for specific activities, family-friendly homes offer the most personalized atmosphere.

But you do not need to start the demolition process to get the space you want. Just re-think your angles and kerani. You can customize custom spaces – albeit small ones – in almost any home. This wardrobe can turn into a fairy-tale paradise. The mud room can become a command center for your children. Even the landing can become a comfortable reading angle with a chair and a lamp. You may not be able to devote entire spaces to your family’s hobbies and lifestyle, but the possibilities you can find are corners and kerani also work.

Sure, watch your favorite program at home to inspire you, but do not let you go. You may dream of a two-storey fireplace and shelter everything in your future home, but you can still love where you live today. Think about your space, be creative and add touches that make your home ideal for you and your family and you’ll get a greater appreciation for the home you’ve made.

A detailed leather for interior decoration by Genette Bennett

The carved leather is designed specifically for Genivite Bennett, designed specifically for the luxurious interior design market using state-of-the-art technology, innovative modeling, fine materials and excellent craftsmanship. High quality leather Engraved, engraved, inlaid, printed and engraved and can be used to make decorative wall panels, floors, furnishings or furniture.

Each piece of the London-based designer is designed and customized and customized in customized sizes and colors. However, there is also a standard set of products available such as 12-inch panels in 26 different colors.

After graduating from the Royal College of Arts in 2000, Bennett was inspired by three dimensional sculptural qualities, surface relief and striking patterns. Her designs are based on a wide range of archival materials and influences, including historical silk patterns “Spitalfields”, wood carvings by 17th century craftsmen, Grinling Gibbons, advanced paper engineering techniques and Elizabethan armor.

NINNA chair childhood reminder

Paris-based Adentro introduced the latest work of Carlo Contes, the NINNA chair, at Salone del Mobile, Milan. The wonderful furniture item is simple and stylish. It incorporates the suspended seat, made of hanging leather belts that reminds us of this exterior swing we all faced when we were young. Greetings to innocence and the reflection of happy happy times. In times of joy those things seemed more important than laughter. In the Italian language, the word “ninnare” means the cradle (gently cling or protect). Somehow, Nina does it. It’s Pampers and they carry you gently.

The handmade chair is characterized by simple and natural materials: everything is about ash and leather. The output is a pretty minimalist furniture item. As a result, they are easily integrated into any home design. You can enter your yard / garden and relax “swing” surrounded by green spaces and lush vegetation or you can find a place in the intimate loft, open a book and enjoy a very comfortable experience.

Its simplicity meets rustic industrial: a buffet stack incorporating wooden panels

The stacked boards never look more attractive, you should agree with me on this! Mexican designer Hector Esraoui recently presented his latest work, a black-painted side cabinet that is easily integrated with soft wooden panels. Piece “eccentric” furniture is ideal for decorating any simple space. The Stack Buffet, skillfully and elegantly, is protected by something that looks like an irregular stack of wood panels, creating a strong contrast between the elegant dark design line of the side panel and the rural industrial forms.

What I like best about Stack Buffet is the collision patterns. At the intersection of its simplicity, industrial originality and functionality. Quite surprisingly, the wood panels are not panels at all, but the drawers. I truly appreciate this creative approach and find this piece of furniture enjoyable and inspiring.

How to Light Up a Dark Room Easily

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Design preferences can vary dramatically, but most people agree that they want their space to be bright and open. Even when choosing a dark room theme (like a black wall that still tends), the balance between light and dark is important. No one wants to spend time in a dark, oppressive space. But what if you are in a house or apartment with a space where the light of the desired brightness does not reach? Fortunately, there are several easy ways to light up a dark room.

We surveyed the Freshome team and figured out the best and easiest way to make them feel bright even in the smallest and least light areas. With these tips you will feel wider in tight spaces, more vibrant in dim rooms, and eventually brighter in dark rooms.

Choose colors wisely

It should not be surprising that our Freshome staff has said that color is absolutely important when you want to light up a dark room. Yes, that means painting your wall. However, you can use color for large artwork, rugs, decorations, throws, and more while renting (or if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of taped or masking tape).

Which color is the best? When voted, Freshome’s staff recommended these shades to help brighten dark rooms:

White (shocking, ok!)


Lavender / lilac

Neutral based on light mocha, white like yellowish brown or soft gray

Pop of bright colors such as orange, red and green

Obviously, there are several options. Finding the right color to light up your particular dark room can result in playing in space. Before you invest in a larger piece or experience the hassle of painting, try throwing in accent pillows and different colors.

Leave space

At design school, people learn about the concept of negative space, or white space. This is usually free space around the object in focus, or part of the design that is intentionally left blank. But the seemingly empty space is not just for purpose. Negative space gives you a place of peace and allows you to breathe your visual sense, so to speak.

If you want to light a dark room, don’t forget the negative space. This will open the room and make you feel big and bright. Think through the darkest and most overwhelming room. They are usually cluttered. Even in small, dim spaces, just pull the furniture a little to make the wall space wider and brighter.

Add a mirror

When you are fighting for additional light, the mirror is an amazing friend. Their reflective properties extend the life of the lightwaves inside the room and help you smash more for your spending for every light source inside the room. Please try it! Position the mirror behind or directly opposite the light source. You will be surprised how bright and open the space is felt just because the mirrors reflect light around the room.

If you think the mirror is a boring addition to your room, think again. There is a handy guide on how to use a mirror as a memorable design element.

Find the right furniture

If you want to feel the space as it has more brightness, consider the brightness of your furniture. Dark, low-ground furniture feels heavy. You can feel as if you suck the brightness from too many rooms. To light up a dark room, pick the part that looks lighter and lighter.

West Elm’s Everett Sofa is a prime example. It comes with a number of pale textured textures that can help open up any space. However, even if someone spills, the fabric has enough texture. In addition, the height of the feet makes the space wide and open.

Add lighting

No, right? But if you’re trying to light up a dark room, it’s time to be creative with lighting. In small spaces, don’t be afraid to hang the light from the ceiling or mount it on the wall. Pendant lights are not just for the kitchen! Make space from the ramp accent table. Push the floor lamp behind the sofa. Even the most compact rooms have space for lighting. In fact, adding a sufficient amount of light actually makes the room feel larger, so you have to sacrifice space.

Is there a room in your home or apartment that feels dark and boring? Which tips do you think are better for lighting up dark rooms? Please let us know in the comments.

Fresh Dome Dream Living Room

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Sometimes the living room is, in fact, it is natural that we are the place where we do most of our lives. It is a space needed to serve multiple purposes and to please multiple personalities. The living room is a place for parties and movie nights. It is a harbor where you can breathe after a long day, and a space where families can gather together through thick and thin things and enjoy each other’s company. So it is natural for the Freshome team to have some opinions on why they make a good living room. Let’s take a quick look at what we think the living room of a dream really needs to shine.

After polls, we all agreed that there are several key elements that all living rooms should simply include. There is a sofa that is comfortable and can be seated by the whole family. Then there is accent furniture that pops the space. And don’t forget the TV that works well as the home of the digital age. But what is the difference between one living room and another? It’s all about personality and the works you gather in space. We surveyed the Freshome team to find out which parts are absolutely important in the dreamy living room and which parts make a big difference in your design.

# 1: Accent colored love sheet or sofa

One of the most fun pieces to shop for your dream living room is the accent love sheets and sofas. You may want to be more traditional in your main couch color (see below), but this is a place to have some fun. Who is rich in velvet who is saying that the jewelry-tone sofa can not be obtained in the trend of maximumism? Or a bold pattern of upholstery? Really, this is your opportunity to dream something in your head and then buy it for your home.

If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend Freshome’s favorite Drake Sofa from West Elm (above Twill in Dark Horseradish). Some of our writers love the bright yellow pop and some prefer the richer look of distressed velvet or dusty brushes in the woods. Needless to say, your accent furniture is a place to show off your design preferences and to pick a work that will surprise your friends.

# 2: Huge sofa

The right sofa can be central to any dream living room. When choosing the color of the sofa, it is tempting to want to make it bigger and bolder. After all, this is everyone watching-and sitting. But don’t forget that this will be one of the biggest investments in your home (a good sofa isn’t cheap!) And you will want to love it for years to come.

The neutral color gives you the flexibility to change the room without having to buy a new sofa. All you need is a new throw pillow, and you can make your couch work with virtually any theme. When it comes to shape, try to balance between funny and classic as you choose a design that has lasting power. Like West Elm’s Hamilton Leather Sofa, I love sofas with a good square cross section, or something that invites me to fly. Still, I do not know which sofa is perfect for you? Check out this guide on various sofa styles for more clarity.

# 3: Wall Art

The art of your living room wall is really your opportunity to shine your personality and have a good time! Maybe you want a bright and airy space in your living room. In that case, the oversized mirror should be placed on one of the prominent walls. It reflects light, brightens space, and adds interesting design elements.

Or maybe you really want to add some personal talent. The living room is the perfect place for the gallery walls. When putting together the gallery walls, our Freshome team says that you need:

Really favorite art, like personally meaningful pictures and pictures made by children in class.

Something thoughtful, like attached sculptural elements, abstract works of art, or black and white photography.

Big piece to fix the layout. If you do not want to hit the spotlight, consider adding a floating ledge that acts as an anchor.

We rounded up more gallery wall hacks to help you put it all together.

When looking for art in the living room, don’t settle for just feeling that you need to make something happen on the wall. Wait until something really talks to you. Remember, you are working to create your dream living room! And being surrounded by the art you really like makes your dream living room a truly enjoyable place to spend time.

# 4: Space for entertainment and entertainment

Many of us at Freshome would like to have a home theater, but still earning us millions of dollars to create a theater-like space in our dream living room, our mansion Our people waiting to buy. Flat-screen TVs are essential (to start with this you need Target’s VIZIO D-Series 24 ′ ′ option), but it does not have to be the focus of the room. Seamlessly integrate the TV into the room or hide it cleverly There are several ways you can do it, for example, you can put it in a sophisticated entertainment center, like Cate & Barrel’s Cameo 2-Piece Entertainment Center.

Integrating your TV is very important because your living room needs to double duty. It should be a place for entertainment, not just a place for entertainment. When choosing electronics, furniture, decorations, lighting for your dream living room, draw a space full of people. Can you comfortably respond to the groups you plan to host? The piece of piece of furniture that can be moved can help you break through more enjoyable areas. Hidden TVs make the space more intimate, and dimmable lighting can create an atmosphere. In short, when planning your dream living room, think about how it works whether you are curled up on the sofa solo or whether you are entertaining a large group.

# 5: A comfortable chair

Certainly, a large sofa is important in every living room. But what if you want a little more space for yourself? The large and cozy chair is an ideal place to curl up and spend the day alone. In addition, it is a great addition to the entertainer’s living room. Not every guest wants to sit alongside a perfect stranger or close friend. Add accent pillows and cozy throws and you have created a charming addition to your dream living room.

# 6: An unforgettable coffee table

If you do not have a coffee table where you can place decorations, books and drinks, your living room will not be complete. And in our dream living room, the coffee table itself acts as part of the decoration. Beyond the basics, look for a coffee table that adds a level of interest to your room. Here are some Freshome favorites:

Crate & Barrel Yukon Natural Coffee Table

Ivy Bronx Leda Lift Top Coffee Table at Wayfare

West Elm Stacked Disc Storage Coffee Table

What do we find in your dream living room? We were very much enjoying thinking about it-and you may be! Imagine your ideal living room and tell us what makes it stand out in the comments.

How to turn your house into a winter wonderland

World events designer Edward Perotti has managed more than 2000 events, including social festivals, ornate weddings, corporate affairs and notable events in places such as the Versailles Palace, the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and the Istanbul Cathedral. We asked him for ideas to help Freshhouse readers create the perfect winter wonderland at home during this holiday season.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Decor

At every event Perotti designed around the world, you will expect him to come back home and just relax during the holidays. “But that’s actually the opposite. The second wind always seemed to blow, and I was inspired to decorate a new home.”

He is passionate about decorating the house himself without the help of his event team or even the florist. “It’s only me and my holiday elves-otherwise known as my family.”

Perotti brings his event design perspective to his personal decoration. “It’s a cohesive experience and we need to convey our overall emotions,” he says. “We live in sunny California, so our winter is not far from freezing, but we are making our own winter wonderland this year”

Perotti is not a fan of overwhelming decoration. “I don’t believe in the decorations that hit you on the head in the theme. Instead, I like to create mood and emotion at the moment of design,” he says. “The trick is to establish a flow from the front door to the mantle and continue it all over the house. It all needs to be tied and talked with common threads.”

Curve appeal

This is what Perotti is doing to decorate the look of his home this year.

Give the glass panel of the front door icing and give it a frosted appearance. This is in stark contrast to his dark walnut door.

Using a square wreath made of laurel leaves hung from one corner so that it looks like a diamond. This contrasts with the classic circle wreath and sets the tone of modern and non-traditional decoration.

We take things that have been inherited and recycle them. For example, the head of a plaster rabbit in the Netherlands is incorporated in the center of the wreath.

It is potted in a galvanized metal bucket and encloses the door with five lightly sprinkled evergreens with fake snow. In the tree, small crystals are attached to the branches.

Living room

Starting from the fireplace, Perotti explains:

I searched for (and found) the idyllic, long (about 3 ‘) single horns that we put on our little mantle. I use this to hang stockings. This year, the stocking is ivory velvet trimmed with faux fur.

Fireplace The fireplace is a whitewashed brick. Very modern throughout the year, but also great for winter wonderland. Since we lost the actual use of our fireplace in our remodeling (California Building Code), the inside of the fireplace is a great place to create a winter exhibit.

White poinsettia, elements of mercury glass (never too much mercury glass!), Vases, oversized ornaments, deer horns, pine cones, battery operated mini LED lights, combined with candles, in the fireplace Make a winter motif. (We use LOTS OF CANDLES for this. The artifacts of the remote control are great so you can switch on / off with one click.)

Trim the tree

The tree is constantly updated regularly. In the winter wonderland theme, this is what Perotti says.

Ornaments and decorations are cream, mercury glass and crystals. To continue recycling, I will also include decorations made of boxes, wrapping paper, books and so on.

Clear light adds to the brilliance you need.

In line with our overall design thinking, the trees are crowned with a beautiful silver Frank Lloyd light tree topper.

The wooden skirt matches the stock made from the same fur with velvet ivory.

“Through the rest of the house, I reinforce with a theme-style vignette. The landing Credenza, the coffee table, and even the landing of the stairs all start in the winter wonderland,” says Perotti. “This house is filled with the coolness of ivory, crystal, mercury glass and the warmth of fake fur and candles.”

Dining table

Perotti says the trick is to set the dining table once to entertain and make it available every day. Thus, he says you don’t have to change anything from the beginning to the end of the holiday season.

Along the theme of winter wonderland, he has created a toned decor runner by design.

I spray paint the frosted white linen on them, starting from the corner of my throat. Then I paint the mason jars with the same matte white (four each).

Then I’m going to add an assortment of mini mercury glass vases and the remaining silver ornaments and white tipped pine cones.

The final finish for the runner is an ivory hydrangea. It is added to make an eclectic runner that is made up of itself but tied in with the overall holiday decoration style.

Add a galvanized metal charger, a gray and white dark striped napkin, and a basic white china to place the table in order to have a fun table.

“If you want your dinner to be family friendly, add a variety of white, metal and clear glass cake pedestals,” Perotti says. “Place a platter of food on them and make your dish a part of decoration.”

He has provided hints to our readers, but Perotti gives this last advice. Play with it, but make it your own.

6 Visual illusion of walls

Once seen as an old addition to the house, the background is back in a huge way. From trendy new ideas like scratching and wallpaper to ultra-modern candles, wallpaper is no longer the interior design that you never had. One of the most unique ways to take advantage of the full potential of the screen background is to use the visual illusion background.

Visual illusion creates a visual trick to make you think space is something else. For example, the realistic wallpaper design may have a path that extends to give the room a wider feel. With a screen background, the possibilities are endless, so you do not need to hire an expensive artist to create a paint design. Take a look below to see how designers use wallpaper to convert rooms.

The Fu Library

Do you always want a luxury bookstore that has more skin-related books than you can afford? The owner had the same idea, but instead of rushing to buy hundreds of aesthetically pleasing books, they went with wallpaper.

This design provides a convincing wall for old books. The tone of dark brown gives it a very classic look. It’s the ultimate easy way to get to know a high-quality library. The text on the pillows adds to the literary theme, as the coffee table books do.

in nature

If you like nature, wallpaper can be a great addition to your space when you export prints with a natural mural design. Many backgrounds already have realistic print, giving the impression that one of the walls actually opens in a real forest. However, the above method deliberately goes for a stylish and artistic feel.

Background like the above one is great for people who appreciate nature and art. The wood-textured floor adds to the natural feeling. At the same time, the green wall completes steel art but does not steal attention from it.

Create distance

The good use of modern wallpaper is to get a realistic print with a kind of track or track. In the above example, pavement pavement works to create depth and distance. It is a great idea for small, narrow spaces that benefit from feeling extra space.

This design also illustrates the sense of humor and humor in the wallpaper design; it seems that the toilet sits directly on the pavement and may open up in the lake itself. It shows how real you are with the background of visual illusion.

In fairy tales

Perhaps one of the best features of the visual illusion background is its ability to create a complete artistic scene. It can display anything you can imagine. In this case, you enter directly into Little Red Riding Hood’s story. It’s a great idea for a children’s bedroom or playroom.

The possibilities here are endless: the background can bring to life any story or subject. You can play in artistic collage style, or choose a full scene to be represented on the wall.

Geometric depth with visual illusion background

One common way to use visual deception is to create depth illusion. The geometric background above is well run. Makes the golden luster and the black shading style seem like literally coming out of the wall. Tale also gives this room a lot of colors.

It is also a wonderful addition to this industrial-style bathroom, with exposed ceiling pipes and a strong metal tub. The golden style is characterized by a feeling of industrial metal and feels in itself, so it fits in with the space. It is a good example of how visual illusion paper contributes to the overall design of the room.

drawing on walls

The most playful idea is the choice of wallpaper that uses doodles as a design. This makes it look as if someone has painted on the walls, without actually destroying the walls. What results is a free spirited artistic space.

You should not limit yourself to doodles. You can also use handwritten lines of poetry or word-themed sets. If the room has an academic subject, you can also choose a background containing chemical composition equations or images.

There are many ways to use visual illusion background in any room in your home. Do any of the above ideas stand out to you? Let us know in the comments!