Think about your space: how you like where you live now

Feeling a little envious after the HGTV marathon? I wish your home was different after seeing your new friend’s fossils? This happens to the best of us. The warning of posting through online thought books or home-based shows that traffic is seeing is that it can make your space less than that. The truth is that there is no perfect home. It is likely that homeowners living in your alleged dream house would like to make some changes.

It is that you do not need to renovate or rebuild your dream home. By rethinking the way you use your space, you can love your place now. Pain points in your home may already be resolved by clever regulation and reflection outside the box.

Think about your space and you will not have to leave your home. The house of your dreams may be down your nose directly – or at least under the rug of the old area. Here are some ways to rethink your space and fall into your home again.

Edit your stuff

What seems like a tight living situation may just be a state of many things. Spending some time editing your stuff can free up square shots and help you simplify the rest of your home better. I feel tired? Start with the most feasible area: your wardrobe. Break it, unlink it, and evaluate how it is used. Is it really better to use pillows or could it serve a better purpose? What is now an unused linen cabinet can make a large store or craft space instead.

Once you handle that, go to bigger and better things. Get rid of things you do not use and keep things that serve a real purpose. Things that are out of date, useless or in the way? Moving them to someone can give them some love

Reuse your rooms

You may not hate planning your home; you may just hate the way you use your home. Just because typical houses contain an official dining room does not mean that how you use them. If you use your dining room only for two large periods a year, but your children play around the house, is your home properly used?

Think about what your room is like. The dining room may be more logical as a study. The unused craft room can be a large laundry area. That the guest room is empty? It can be better used as a games room.

Stop thinking about reselling

Resale value is certainly important, especially if you see your home as an investment. If you know that you will stay in your home for a long time, it is fine to stop making decisions based on the value of resale. The other homeowner may not like the changes you make, but if it’s right for you and your family, do what’s sensible. If you decide to sell your house on the road, it is possible that you can reverse the changes or change the room path differently. Trying to please everyone when you are living in your home can make you crazy. Design, rethink, design, and organize your home the way you live today.

Carving space

Open concept homes are the biggest thing in home design, but they can make some things challenging. Trying to lure a teenager to finish homework in a noisy kitchen or trying to watch the game with a busy little boy can make open concept layouts feel frantic. If you feel that you have many rooms that do many things, try sculpting the space.

Using things like bookshelves, furniture, and even screens can help you divide the space in a non-permanent way. After that, you can evaluate and rearrange as needed to make sure that your home is the place you love. A space dedicated to watching TV, clearly defining between the kitchen and living rooms – these small changes can help you relieve some of these pain points in a less than perfect layout.

Use each angle

It can make it feel as big as if it’s working and do not play anything, by enjoying the laundry rooms and romanticizing the corner of reading in other homes. What makes custom and luxurious homes feel private is not always the main living areas, but small additions. By providing space for specific activities, family-friendly homes offer the most personalized atmosphere.

But you do not need to start the demolition process to get the space you want. Just re-think your angles and kerani. You can customize custom spaces – albeit small ones – in almost any home. This wardrobe can turn into a fairy-tale paradise. The mud room can become a command center for your children. Even the landing can become a comfortable reading angle with a chair and a lamp. You may not be able to devote entire spaces to your family’s hobbies and lifestyle, but the possibilities you can find are corners and kerani also work.

Sure, watch your favorite program at home to inspire you, but do not let you go. You may dream of a two-storey fireplace and shelter everything in your future home, but you can still love where you live today. Think about your space, be creative and add touches that make your home ideal for you and your family and you’ll get a greater appreciation for the home you’ve made.

NINNA chair childhood reminder

Paris-based Adentro introduced the latest work of Carlo Contes, the NINNA chair, at Salone del Mobile, Milan. The wonderful furniture item is simple and stylish. It incorporates the suspended seat, made of hanging leather belts that reminds us of this exterior swing we all faced when we were young. Greetings to innocence and the reflection of happy happy times. In times of joy those things seemed more important than laughter. In the Italian language, the word “ninnare” means the cradle (gently cling or protect). Somehow, Nina does it. It’s Pampers and they carry you gently.

The handmade chair is characterized by simple and natural materials: everything is about ash and leather. The output is a pretty minimalist furniture item. As a result, they are easily integrated into any home design. You can enter your yard / garden and relax “swing” surrounded by green spaces and lush vegetation or you can find a place in the intimate loft, open a book and enjoy a very comfortable experience.

How to turn your house into a winter wonderland

World events designer Edward Perotti has managed more than 2000 events, including social festivals, ornate weddings, corporate affairs and notable events in places such as the Versailles Palace, the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and the Istanbul Cathedral. We asked him for ideas to help Freshhouse readers create the perfect winter wonderland at home during this holiday season.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Decor

At every event Perotti designed around the world, you will expect him to come back home and just relax during the holidays. “But that’s actually the opposite. The second wind always seemed to blow, and I was inspired to decorate a new home.”

He is passionate about decorating the house himself without the help of his event team or even the florist. “It’s only me and my holiday elves-otherwise known as my family.”

Perotti brings his event design perspective to his personal decoration. “It’s a cohesive experience and we need to convey our overall emotions,” he says. “We live in sunny California, so our winter is not far from freezing, but we are making our own winter wonderland this year”

Perotti is not a fan of overwhelming decoration. “I don’t believe in the decorations that hit you on the head in the theme. Instead, I like to create mood and emotion at the moment of design,” he says. “The trick is to establish a flow from the front door to the mantle and continue it all over the house. It all needs to be tied and talked with common threads.”

Curve appeal

This is what Perotti is doing to decorate the look of his home this year.

Give the glass panel of the front door icing and give it a frosted appearance. This is in stark contrast to his dark walnut door.

Using a square wreath made of laurel leaves hung from one corner so that it looks like a diamond. This contrasts with the classic circle wreath and sets the tone of modern and non-traditional decoration.

We take things that have been inherited and recycle them. For example, the head of a plaster rabbit in the Netherlands is incorporated in the center of the wreath.

It is potted in a galvanized metal bucket and encloses the door with five lightly sprinkled evergreens with fake snow. In the tree, small crystals are attached to the branches.

Living room

Starting from the fireplace, Perotti explains:

I searched for (and found) the idyllic, long (about 3 ‘) single horns that we put on our little mantle. I use this to hang stockings. This year, the stocking is ivory velvet trimmed with faux fur.

Fireplace The fireplace is a whitewashed brick. Very modern throughout the year, but also great for winter wonderland. Since we lost the actual use of our fireplace in our remodeling (California Building Code), the inside of the fireplace is a great place to create a winter exhibit.

White poinsettia, elements of mercury glass (never too much mercury glass!), Vases, oversized ornaments, deer horns, pine cones, battery operated mini LED lights, combined with candles, in the fireplace Make a winter motif. (We use LOTS OF CANDLES for this. The artifacts of the remote control are great so you can switch on / off with one click.)

Trim the tree

The tree is constantly updated regularly. In the winter wonderland theme, this is what Perotti says.

Ornaments and decorations are cream, mercury glass and crystals. To continue recycling, I will also include decorations made of boxes, wrapping paper, books and so on.

Clear light adds to the brilliance you need.

In line with our overall design thinking, the trees are crowned with a beautiful silver Frank Lloyd light tree topper.

The wooden skirt matches the stock made from the same fur with velvet ivory.

“Through the rest of the house, I reinforce with a theme-style vignette. The landing Credenza, the coffee table, and even the landing of the stairs all start in the winter wonderland,” says Perotti. “This house is filled with the coolness of ivory, crystal, mercury glass and the warmth of fake fur and candles.”

Dining table

Perotti says the trick is to set the dining table once to entertain and make it available every day. Thus, he says you don’t have to change anything from the beginning to the end of the holiday season.

Along the theme of winter wonderland, he has created a toned decor runner by design.

I spray paint the frosted white linen on them, starting from the corner of my throat. Then I paint the mason jars with the same matte white (four each).

Then I’m going to add an assortment of mini mercury glass vases and the remaining silver ornaments and white tipped pine cones.

The final finish for the runner is an ivory hydrangea. It is added to make an eclectic runner that is made up of itself but tied in with the overall holiday decoration style.

Add a galvanized metal charger, a gray and white dark striped napkin, and a basic white china to place the table in order to have a fun table.

“If you want your dinner to be family friendly, add a variety of white, metal and clear glass cake pedestals,” Perotti says. “Place a platter of food on them and make your dish a part of decoration.”

He has provided hints to our readers, but Perotti gives this last advice. Play with it, but make it your own.

Selling Your Home Should It Move Or Improve?

It is almost impossible for a single home to fully meet your needs with age, growth and change. In the end, you will either need to buy a new home or improve what you have to fit your lifestyle better, especially if you are not satisfied with your place. But how do you know if you should move to your home or improve it to be better fit? There are many factors to consider, and it is more than just whether you want your home or not. Before making a final decision on selling your home, make sure you look at it from every angle.

When you must move

Your home is severely affected by the way you and your family live. From room to roaming to personal factors and location, you want to feel your home comfortable and comfortable. If your home does not meet your needs or you can find a better fit elsewhere, it is worth considering this step. Here are some signs that it’s time to pull the bets and say adios to your place of residence.

You have specific needs

If you have a checklist of “needs” for your home, it may be best to buy a different place or design your home from scratch. Although you can renovate and improve your existing home, there are some things you can not add to your current home. Consider mobility issues, for example: If your current home has lots of stairs, you can not remove them. Home-style farm more logical. Think realistically about whether your current home can be adjusted to meet your needs. If not, selling your home is probably the solution.

You need more financial options

Improving your current home may be cheaper than moving, but your financing may be more difficult. A home equity loan or credit limit may be your only choices if you need a thorough renovation. When buying a new home, you will have more options on financing and payments made.

You are looking to invest

In short, a new home is usually a better investment than renovating your home. If you love your place and do not expect to sell, you may not be concerned about recovering your investments for price improvements. However, if you consider the property an investment, the new home is usually a better bet. You will know exactly what you spend and similar property in the area will help you understand the return on your investment.

You love your home but you hate the site

Remember that you can always put a bath or paint the walls; you can not fix a high crime rate or traffic jam. So if you love your home perfectly, a less desirable site can really affect your lifestyle. It is best to settle in a great location and then find a home that fits your needs – or can be adjusted to suit your needs.

You have a strict budget

Know exactly what you can spend on getting your dream home? Innovations can be highly unpredictable based on market prices, labor, delays and unexpected issues. Buying a home ready for use means you know you will get a place within your budget (as long as you are an intelligent shopper, of course!).

When it should improve

Jumping may not be the best option for everyone. Your current home can be improved to suit your lifestyle and you can stay in good shape if these factors are in line.

You love your site

Love where do you live? You are one of the lucky ones. Do not sacrifice a great location just because your home is not suitable – yet. As they say, it is always better to have a cheaper house in a wonderful neighborhood because you can always improve your home.

Control your minor

Be realistic with what you love and hate in your home. Is the list of grievances really sufficient to merit this step? The kitchen can be remodeled and the backyard can be improved so you can bypass some of your small annoyances. What’s more, some of your grip may be cheap or easy. However, if your pain points are not resolved by replenishment (for example, lack of bathrooms or lack of enough space on the box), you can think of this step instead.

You are useful with a hammer

You can save a lot of money by doing some improvements yourself. If you are close to a hammer, the renovation adds value to your home at a cheap price. Paying for the materials and doing the work yourself builds a lot of equality in race. You can also make sure you get exactly what you want, as you can replenish it according to your schedule, which is (obviously) less stressful than moving.

You have a connection to your home

Although we love to say that household and financial decisions are entirely objective, the fact is that they are very emotional. Homes may feel part of the family and there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with your place. If you look around your home and really feel like you are at home, you can overlook some minor flaws. Selling your home may mean losing. Do not be preoccupied with sharing the memories and emotions of your home in a shiny new place that does not bring you much happiness.

In the end, the decision to move or improve is because you are realistic about your situation. Selling your home, buying a new home or making a big renovation is a huge decision. We were all in a phase where things in our homes made us crazy, but that might not be worth a step. Keep in mind the pros and cons of reaching a decision you can live with – and love.

Buying a Housing Plan Online The Pros and Cons

The two houses are not exactly the same. Because the two families are not exactly the same. Still, buying a home plan online can seem like an easy way to design a personalized home without any fuss. Certainly, someone may have the same plan, but you are going home. Make sure that you have all of the facts before you venture out and buy a stock plan from the website. In some cases, creating a custom plan may actually be cheaper and easier. Consider the strengths and weaknesses and decide if a stock plan is right for you.

Strength of stock plan

If you are looking for a quick and easy housing plan, inventory planning is very easy. There are some clear advantages to scoring by selecting a plan from the online store.

cost. Stock plans are usually much cheaper than custom plans. Architects don’t pay for consultations and meetings that create a challenging vision. You pay the right to use the plan that the architect has already created. Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to about a thousand dollars for a stock plan. Buying a home plan online is a stealing contract, compared to the $ 2 per square foot cost of a custom plan.

Choice. Buying a house plan online allows you to choose from a variety of layouts, styles, and exteriors. You can not customize your master bathroom, but you can choose from many different options so that you get what you really like. A website selling house plans curates the best style and plans. That means you will be able to refine your search and choose from among the best of hundreds of different designers.

time. When designing a plan from scratch, you will spend considerable time. Choosing options, meeting architects, and tweaking plans can take weeks. This can really slow the tight architectural schedule. If you do not have time, you can use the stock plan to drive the design process and go directly to the build.

jump off. Whether you’re not using stock plans, searching for online options or buying plans can serve as a starting point for custom designs. If you are overwhelmed by all the choices, choosing some of the online choices and introducing the architect some of your favorites can help you create a starting point. From there, you can make adjustments or changes until you get the right design.

Disadvantages of inventory planning

Inventory planning is good for some people, but not suitable for all building situations. Make sure that you can live with some of the shortcomings of buying a plan online.

Lot designation When you buy a stockhouse plan, you can not identify the size and shape of your lot. In some cases, it is like buying jeans without trying them first. They may not just fit. Although you can usually narrow the plan based on size, there is no guarantee that the plan will work with a specific lot. You need to pass the plan to a qualified designer and make sure that it is suitable for your lot. In most cities, site planning is also required to obtain building permits. In other words, there is an additional cost to make a construction plan.

Code and Permissions When you work with an architect, you know that your home is designed to meet the city law. Architects also take safety, sustainability, and the environment into consideration when coming up with a proper design. However, stock plans are not designed to meet specific criteria. It may still be necessary to have a redesigned plan to get permission. Without a design that meets the code, your plan is just a picture.

Buying a home plan online with customization costs can be a cheaper option, but customization can lock out a considerable penny. When calculating the price of a plan, be sure to add the extra cost of asking the architect to correct the plan. Whether you make a major layout change or if the architect is verifying that your plans are as planned, you will incur additional charges. If you add them to the price of your stock plan, you will find that starting from scratch is closer to the price or even cheaper.

If you are a total design addict, you are already browsing the online plan. But before you put your dream plan into your online cart, think about your long-term plan. Buying a home plan online will help save you time and money, but it also means giving up some of your custom dreams. If you are stuck with a personalized plan, you may want to work with a local architect. Still, you can make the perfect plan for your future home, whether it’s in stock or starting from scratch.